The Public Electrical Company Works was established as a joint stock company under Law No. (30) of 1975 AD issued on 3/15/ 1975 fully owned by the Libyan state with a capital of five million Libyan dinars, the registration number in the Chamber of Commerce (13085-76588). 

Future plans of the company

The Holding Public Electrical Works Company has a future vision and plans for its development and improvement, for example:

Building an economic model based on environmental sustainability and clean energy .

Benefiting from what the Creator has given This country has a significant amount of sunshine all year round.

Contributing to the capital of giant manufacturers such as Galva Coat, which specializes in galvanizing and manufacturing electrical poles.

Develop the company's activities in line with With international standards
  • 1
    Increasing the company's capital to 30,000,000 Libyan dinars.

  • 2
    Using the company's partners to implement mega projects to implement overhead lines, install equipment for high voltage stations (400 kV) and train national elements for these activities.

  • 3
    Opening branches of the company in the main regions of Libya to implement and follow up on the company's projects and keep abreast of developments and modern methods.

  • 4
    Establishing a modern metalwork factory in cooperation with the UAE company (Galva Coat), the Engineering Company for Electrical and Mechanical Works and the African Company for Electrical and Mechanical Projects.