General Electric Works Holding Company was incorporated as a joint stock company under Law No. (30) of 1975 AD On 15/3/1975 wholly owned by the Libyan state with a capital of five million Libyan dinars, the registration number in the Chamber of Commerce (13085-76588).

In the interest of the Libyan state for the success of the company's work, the company's capital has been increased to reach at the present time eleven million six hundred and fifty thousand Libyan dinars .

Company activity

The company started its activities in 1975 AD, following the adoption of Its organizational structure, where the General Electric Works Holding Company is implementing the following projects:

  • Establishing subsidiary companies or controlling the management of other companies or contributing to their capital.
  • Invest its funds in stocks, bonds and securities, and buy and own shares of joint stock companies operating in their field of activity, alone or jointly with others.
  • Establishing and managing funds and investment portfolios and setting up funds to manage the securities of its subsidiaries in its field of work.
  • Providing loans, guarantees and financing to its affiliates.
  • owns and exploits patents, trademarks, franchises and other moral rights.
  • Investing its money and assets in various fields of the company's activity, directly or through its subsidiaries.
  • All procurement activities related to the activities of its subsidiaries of all kinds.

Company objectives:

  • Participation in the implementation of the services and works entrusted to the company and the development of monitoring and measurement mechanisms To achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Raising the efficiency and skill of employees to understand customer needs.
  • Implementation and monitoring of quality management programs.
  • To be one of the leading companies in its field.